North To Alaska!

North to Alaska!
Our friend Holly Scott arrived to dog/boat sit while we went to greet our new grandson. We had arranged a potluck so everyone could meet her and she could meet the cruisers. Holly owns Charlie’s Charts and this gave her an opportunity to update the Zihuatanejo section of her book she also was due for a well deserved vacation.
We went over all the systems on the boat and departed for the airport. On our layover in LA the phone rang and it was Holly saying “we didn’t discuss lightning.” Our answer? Not to worry, you won’t have any. Then boom! We were so very wrong. It was lightning and raining… Who knew it would do this during January? She watched boats drag and we were very happy she was aboard. Mermaid was fine and got a good fresh water wash down.
We got to Juneau the next day and met our new grandson! OMG what a perfect baby… I know I sound just like a grandmother… but he really is perfect! Autumn was very glad to see her Nonna and Grandaddy. We gave her lots of attention. We took her to the pool for a swim (yes there is a pool in Juneau and yes of course it is indoors), we went to the park and shopping. Autumn got lots of Nonna and Grandaddy time which seemed to make her quite happy.
I don’t think Kaash ever was put down but was held by one of us constantly. Mike and I got all the baby time we could squeeze in. Stacy held him while she was nursing (duh) and the rest of us held him when he wasn’t hungry. We were amazed at how much he grew and changed just in the short time we were there. It made us a bit sad to realize how much he would change before we get a chance to see him again… Thank goodness for Skype!
We got to visit with Carmen and John a bit and it was fun catching up with them. We cooked and ate in most of the time but of course ate at the Island Pub (my favorite pizza in the world!) a couple of times. It was so nice getting to spend the time with Stacy, Frank, Autumn and Kaash. We miss them so!
The day for our departure came (sadly) and we said all of our good-byes and Stacy dropped us at the airport. I thought it was odd that there was almost no one at the airport… Until we went inside to find the entire airport closed and all flights cancelled! Stacy came right back and picked us up. We explained to Autumn that Nonna and Grandaddy would spend one more night with her. This happened a few days. The Juneau airport was closed due to fog for three days. We said goodbye each day and came back again (that had to be confusing to a two year old).
Finally I got out and made my connection in Seattle and arrived at LAX. Mike got out the same evening and overnighted in Seattle. Mike made it to Zihuatanejo the same day that Holly left. They waved at each other through the glass at the airport. I spent two nights in LAX because I needed to go to West Marine and there was not flight on Wednesday. I managed to get to a couple of West Marines and other boat part stores to get the few little items we needed as spares to the new generator (good cruisers are always prepared for things to break). I got to go to Target which really made me realize I was in a 1st world country. If I only had a bigger suitcase! Oh well, a few items that are not available in Mexico or beyond managed to make it into my suitcase and home to Mermaid.
Once both of us finally made it back to Zihuatanejo the work to get ready to leave began. We moved Mermaid over to the other side of the bay where the water is clear, ran the water maker and started the task of cleaning the hull and getting the interior ready for sea. We ran to the grocery store but saved the mercado until the day before leaving. We went to the port captain to check out and he told us that we don’t need to check out here but call on the radio when leaving. This has us just a bit concerned because most port captains want an exit paper from the port we left and Huatulco is a few days away… We don’t want to have to come back for the papers! Fingers crossed.
It was not all work and no play. We did enjoy the beautiful sunsets and visit with friends while sipping cold cervesas on the beach. We found many more boats in the anchorage than when we left. They arrived for SailFest which happens the first week in Feb. We found ourselves behind our desired schedule once again and decided to depart instead of attending the events this year.

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