Sunday we boarded Paul & Pam’s boat TugTub for a day of play. We motored (no wind) to Mismaloya, found a spot to anchor and jumped overboard. The water temperature was absolutely perfect. We swam and cooled down then climbed back aboard for a cold cervesa, some guacamole while Paul lit the grill and Pam started to cook lunch. Pam had some beautiful shrimp from or favorite water taxi driver/shrimp fisherman in Mazatlan. She wrapped each one in a piece of bacon, put them on a skewer and Paul put them on the grill. They also put some chorizo sausages on the grill. When all was cooked, we sat in the cockpit and enjoyed a beautiful lunch of salad, bacon wrapped shrimp and the chorizo on some fresh bread. It was all delicious!
After lunch we jumped in the dink and headed over to check out the sea arches in the huge rocks. There wasn’t much swell and we were able to take the dinghy through the arches while carefully watching for shallow rocks. The water was clear and the senary beautiful. After checking out the rock formations, we tied onto a mooring and jumped in for a snorkel.
There were lots of fish and they seemed to be used to tourists. They were checking us out as much as we were checking them out. We think the tour boats must feed these fish because there certainly were not shy. We realized that the sky had gotten quite dark and it was beginning to thunder over the nearby hills. Time to head back to the boat and to Paradise Village.
We got back in the dink and back to TugTub. We rinsed all the snorkel gear and ourselves and upped the anchor. Pam got the boat heading to PV while Mike, Paul and I got the sails up and trimmed. We quickly got out from under the looming dark clouds and were enjoying a nice sail across Bandaras Bay.
We got back to Paradise Village and got TugTub into her new slip next to Mermaid. We got sail covers on, power plugged in and it was time for a sundowner aboard Mermaid – since the a/c had been running all day and it was hot.
We had a lovely day out on the water and it was a nice diversion from boat chores and errands… Those will still be here Monday…

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