Mermaid on the Move

We left Whisper Cove and took a mooring in Woburn Bay to run systems and sped the night. Christmas Eve we sailed up to an anchorage on the leeward side of Grenada for he night. Late Christmas morning we departed for an overnight sail to Ste Anne, Martinique. We had a great sail and even had to slow down to keep from entering the anchorage before daylight. We learned that we had entered on a holiday so wouldn’t be able to check into France until the next day so we slept.

Ste Anne is always a fun stop with good food, nice hikes, amazing baugettes and lots of cruisers to get to know. The anchorage is huge and has a nice flat sandy bottom which makes the water a beautiful shade of blue. We stocked up on wine and cheese (the French really do those right), swam, and made water. When the winds looked good to depart we checked out and headed to St Pierre to sleep before crossing to Dominica. Off again in the morning and we were having such a great sail that we skipped Dominica and kept going to Isle Les Saintes.

Knowing that we were arriving late in the day and just after New Year’s in a very popular anchorage, we were concerned that we may not find a spot to anchor much less a mooring. To our surprise there were lots of moorings available and not even a boat in the anchorage! The next morning the customs office told us that the number of cruising yachts has been quite low. Most likely because insurance companies are now making it very difficult to get insured in the Caribbean.

We checked in and enjoyed some wonderful baguettes the next day. We only spent a few days on this lovely island because a great weather window to sail to Antigua was opening. We did manage to enjoy some lovely walks, nice food and of course snorkeling before we left. The winds again turned from the south (unusual for this time of year) and we took full advantage leaving our mooring early in the morning and sailed north to Falmouth Harbor, Antigua. We’ve spent quite a bit of time in Falmouth in past years and it felt as if we had returned home.

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