Mermaid is in Panama!

Panama is a paradoxical place. The canal generates over two billion in fees annually and Panama City is a modern city with high rises dotting the skyline. However, when you get away from the bright lights much of the country is undeveloped and still very much part of the third world. We enjoyed the pristine waters and beaches of Islas Secas where we found tide pools brimming with life and orchards growing in the trees along the beach. In Bahia Honda we enjoyed the calm waters, went into a small village where there was one phone and no streets or cars. Phillip, a young Panamanian who told us he needed to practice his English (he was right but it was much better than our Spanish) latched onto us as we pulled up and gave us the grand tour. We visited a school where 150 students came from all over the area and bought a cold drink from the local tienda where everything is brought in by panga after a several hour trip up the river.
It was hard to leave this calm anchorage but we wanted to see the Perlas Islands. We played dodge squall and ship all through the night. Just as soon as we thought we had gotten away from a squall another one would build right on top of us! It was a long, wet, bumpy night and we were very happy to arrive at San Juan. We went to both anchorages on San Juan and both were rolly… we already had enough of rolly so continued on to Isla Pedro Gonzales.
Wow… what a pretty anchorage and very calm. A French boat came in not long after us and came by for a glass of wine. We slept great!
The beaches at Pedro Gonzales are the prettiest we had seen so far. We took the dink around the corner to remote beaches and spent the afternoon exploring. There were agates the size of your fist just laying on the beach. What a place!
We needed to find internet to check in with family and headed to Isla Contadora. We found internet and will explore the islands more.

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