Mermaid gets ready for hurricane season

We spent the week getting Mermaid ready to sit in her slip alone while we head to a cooler climate. We had a vet make a house/boat call to inspect PeeWee and issue an international health certificate to get us out of Mexico and into the USA. The vet actually had to make two trips because the laws on shots are different in Mexico than in the USA. Two days of a vet visit, two inspections, two shots and finally a certificate (in Spanish!). The vet was very nice and professional as well as incredibly reasonably priced.
We spent our last evening in the marina with Doug and Lynn enjoying a meal and playing dominoes. Early Saturday morning it was time for the last loads of laundry, putting open bottles of bleach in the three sinks and locking down Mermaid before heading to the airport. Rick met with us and saw us off in a taxi after getting last minute instructions. Rick is going to take care of Mermaid while we are gone and make sure she is safe.

2 1/2 days in the airport!
Saturday, we sat waiting to board our flight in PV watching it get delayed and delayed and finally cancelled. Our flight was cancelled for two days in a row! The way the passengers were treated was bad! We were kept at the airport all day both days thinking that we would board the plane any second… they told us nothing. We had buttoned down Mermaid for the season and going back there was out of the question. The first night they would not put us in a hotel that would allow PeeWee and we had to impose on friends. The second night I insisted they put us where he could be with us. I think all the passengers on that flight will not fly American Airlines again if it can be avoided. They really handled the entire situation very poorly! Monday we finally got to board the plane and flew to Texas.
It was fun to be in Texas catching up with family and friends. We did a lot of eating, drinking, talking and laughing! I even got to get together with my girl cousins and aunts that I have not seen in many years.
While driving through Haltom City in Texas I saw a policeman ahead giving a ticket… I checked my speed 35 in a 35 – good. A little farther up the road the speed limit changed to 40 so I did as well and he pulled out, drove up behind me and turned on his lights… I pulled over and he told me that he had tagged me doing 45 in a 35… I explained to him that I had seen him and checked my speed and it was 40 in a 40. He then explained to me that it wasn’t a 40 zone. I asked him why there was a sign saying it was 40 and he said it is not 40… He took about 15 minutes (now I am late for an appointment) and gave me a ticked for doing 45 in a 35… He also told me to contest it I had to come back to the city in 2 weeks… I told him I was visiting for a few days! I thought that I needed to get back to Mexico where the driving is much more civilized!
I got to do some shopping to replace my shorts and tops that have seen too much hard wear in Mexico. We also raced J22s at Ft Worth Boat Club where we saw more old friends and had a blast. We got PeeWee to a vet in Ft Worth to get another certificate to fly to Alaska. We were concerned that the Mexican certificate in Spanish might not work in Texas or Alaska. No shots this time and PeeWee was very relieved!
Sunday morning we were off to the airport again and were quite relieved to find our flight was departing on time. We connected in Seattle and finally landed in Juneau. It was a long day for PeeWee and he is a traveling trouper!

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