2/10/12 Friday we left La Paz at 3:00pm after fueling and anchored in Lobos, made water and got a bit of sleep. Whales broached and tail slapped at the entrance for a while and it was fun to watch. We left around 3:30am in calm seas and motored all day. The only wind was a bit much with seas and was of course, on my midnight watch. In the morning there was a pin on the deck with a clevis pin still in it. We wondered where it came from and decided it was too small to be from our rigging and continued on. As we neared Mazatlan we were amazed at the amount of wildlife… sea turtles, lots of birds, huge dolphins (1000s of them) and big whales.
The entrance to the bay was pretty wild… very narrow, shallow and tons of tide! Mike did a great job even though he lost steerage for a bit in the tide. We had called the marina who told us to tie to the fuel dock – that was quite a feat in itself! Once there we checked in and made it to our slip – B5 at El Cid. The dock between the two pools – both complete with bars and food… perfect! We got Mermaid in her slip, put on swimsuits and headed to the pool to meet our new friend Raul the bartender. We floated and enjoyed great margaritas and hamburgers before heading off to bed for a night of great sleep.
We explored Mazatlan riding in Pulomias (a cross between a VW and a golf cart) and the bus. The Centro Mercado reminded us of some farther south. We watched an amazing thunderstorm move through and were comforted by the fact that we were in a marina surrounded by tall hotel buildings and not at sea. We ate lots of good food and had dinghy excursions.
Jessamine arrived on Thursday for lots of Mexican fun! We went out on a harbor tour to watch the fireworks, went to the parade and a bullfight. I had been told that we had to go to the bullfight here and that it is a great cultural experience. I found it quite disturbing and very cruel. Not the experience I had hoped for. I think I should maybe try a baseball game? We had fun with Jessamine exploring the town on foot and canal cruises in the dink. We ate, drank, played cards and dominoes, floated in the pools and jacuzzi and laughed a lot, it was sad to see her go.

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