Martini Camping and a First Birthday!

Labor Day Weekend, we hiked 3.3 miles through the forest, in the rain to Windfall Lake and stayed at a cabin we had rented. The hike was quite a slog up the hill and over rivers. It was beautiful! We were very happy to finally reach our cabin and promptly went about making fires in the wood stove and the fire pit outside. Someone, who will remain nameless, forgot to pack the water purifier so we started boiling lake water. We kept the water we brought for Autumn. Once fires were going we heated our precooked dinner and made martinis. Martini camping… Sometime during the evening – after martinis, I challenged Frank (who forgot the fishing pole) to MacGyver something to fish with and if he caught a fish I would give him $100. That kept him pretty busy all weekend (my money was safe). We played cards, laughed and all went to bed exhausted.
Early the next morning the fires were out and we were a bit cold. No problem, new fires started much quicker than the day before since the wood had dried. We canoed on the lake, took tons of photos and boiled lots of water. Stacy and Frank tried to hike to a waterfall to collect water but turned back at the fresh carcass with bear poop all around it. Safety first!
We brought salmon with us and cooked it on the fire along with fresh veges. We brought way too much food so I made a comment that maybe right after we finished eating some cute, young couple would wander by the cabin hungry and warm up while eating our leftovers. To the amazement of all, right after we finished, a cute young couple wandered in hungry and cold. They happily ate salmon and veges while warming by the fire. I don’t think Frank and Stacy will every doubt my predictions again!
Frank made a fishing line and hook (sort of) and went about trying to catch that $100 fish. Just to tease him, the fish jumped all around the dock the entire weekend… None took his hook all weekend…
Monday was Autumn’s first birthday! We sang to her, blew out a candle and gave her the very first cookie she had ever eaten… Nona’s homemade snickerdoodles and she loved them!
Monday afternoon we hiked back out to the car. The packs should have been much lighter, but they still seemed very heavy.
Note: next time we go hiking we will take less food and more booze!

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