Mardi Gras on D Dock!

In honor of Mardi Gras a dock party was held on D Dock in Paradise Village! I wanted to make jambalaya and decided to use shrimp (there are vegetarians on D Dock). I had a hard time finding shrimp so Dick (our marina manager) went and got it for me! He also had dock workers deiver a table to the dock for our use. We ate, drank and visited. We met neighbors and made new friends. Everyone wondered why we don’t do this more often… maybe we will.
By the way… we think (fingers and toes are crossed!) that the frig problem is finally solved! The box had been rebuilt (three times) and the last one fixed the box issue, but the frig ran non-stop and didn’t keep stuff frozen in the freezer. We met Don Fresco who came down here with his boat in the 90s and hasn’t left. He came with his tools and found a tiny little part in the unit that was leaking freon. He replaced the part and loaded the system back up and it is running like it is supposed to. We hope it continues to run this way!!


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