Loreto Fest!

We motored from Candeleros to Puerto Escondido and timed our arrival at high tide as the entrance is very shallow for our depth. Once in the bay we found the moorings all full and found a spot to anchor. We actually prefer to anchor since we know our ground tackle, but when most boats in an anchorage are moored on a ball we have to pick the anchoring spot carefully as we will swing on anchor differently than the boats on balls. We checked in with the harbor master and paid for anchoring. We visited with several new friends and found some old friends as well. Catching up was fun. We even ran into Jack and Mary Beck from KHYC. Jack took me fishing and Mary volunteered at the festival. I taught a seminar, Mike played whiffle ball with the crew of the boat next to us, we danced, played and had a great time. We were watching some local dancers when one grabbed Mike and made him dance with them. We took a taxi to Loreto and explored the town. A group from Cal Yacht Club flew in for the event and it was fun spending time with them. Our friends Bob and Sherrie from Nirvana came in without there boat and we had a good time catching up with them.
Sunday, May 6th we pulled the anchor out of the mud, exited the harbor at high tide and headed north.

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