Launching Mermaid in Grenada

Returning to Grenada came mixed feelings. I was looking forward the cruising season but knew that a few weeks of hot, hard work was in store while Mermaid was still hauled out. Mike returned a week before Robin joined him and got the bottom sanded and antifouling paint applied. Life in the yard is not easy maybe that’s why it is called being on the hard. We rented a small (air conditioned) apartment not too far away from the boat yard so at least we had some relief from the heat at night.

When the checklist was finally done we launched Mermaid on November 19th and spent a few nights on the dock at Clarke’s Court getting her ready for the season. It was nice to be back aboard. As we departed the dock Robin noticed that there was no water coming out of the exhaust and told Mike to go back. She threw lines to the dock guys and we turned the engine off and went below expecting bad news. Good news! A hose clamp had failed (of course it was one that was out of sight) and water was shooting into the engine room. No big deal as the bilge pump was keeping up but we were very happy it had happened when it did. Back at the dock we put a new hose clamp on and departed again. We went all the way across the bay (a few hundred yards) and picked up a mooring ball at Whisper Cove Marina intending to stay a few nights. We fell in love with Whisper Cove Marina! What a sweet little spot… we stayed a few weeks. Once we were in the water it was time to have some fun. We hung out on Hog Island on Sunday afternoon, went to a dingy concert, a full moon party and Mike played the harp on open mike night at Nimrod’s and Taffy’s.

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