La Cruz

House sitting in a beach house in La Cruz has been very mellow. We spend much of our time floating in the pool watching the fishermen come and go and their families waiting for them. Some evenings we walk into town to hear a little music, but mostly just stay in. Mike is taking lots of bird pictures. PeeWee has enjoyed having a house with open doors and a yard right outside. We have been learning to use the little buses to get around and have gone to Mermaid once a week or so to do a boat chore in hopes that when we get back aboard she will be ready to head south.
We have been meeting with some friends “beach club” where once a week we have lunch at a beach restaurant and play in the ocean. Last week we decided to walk home from Bucerias to La Cruz on the beach. It was a nice walk until I kicked a rock (need to watch where I am going) and broke a toe… ouch. The rest of the way home was not as fun and it was a long way.
I have started a strength training exercise class and tend to sore muscles the next day! That vacation really did catch up with us…

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