Just Another Sunset

Antonio spent the week working on our varnish again. He is doing the inside of the cockpit and a few pieces on the aft of the boat he didn’t get to last time. Mermaid looks a mess but I know she will sparkle when the work is complete. During all the sanding I have been trying to stay off the boat. I run errands in town or sit by the pool and read. Mike and I have been enjoying La Paz and the restaurants here again. We happened onto the Italian restaurant here at Costa Baja and had an amazing meal while entertained by a really good pair of singers.
We have been taking kayak adventures almost every evening. Friday night we kayaked all the way down to a place we had spotted called Sunset Bar. I guess we should have realized by the name that they are open in the evening… We got there about 2:30 to find it wasn’t open yet. We had a seat and someone showed up with the key and made margaritas – we love Mexico! The wind completely died while we were there which made the kayak back to the marina amazing! The water so clear and the sea life abundant, what a great day.
We have continued our tradition of walking to the end of the dock to watch the sunset. One evening we watched it from the top deck of our new friends, Jeff & Heather’s Nordhaven – great view. We realize that we have become quite sunset spoiled. We have been treated to so many amazing sunsets that the really pretty ones we just say “hmmm, ok” and continue home.

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