Juneau – Puerto Vallarta

It was quite sad to leave Autumn (and her mom & dad) behind in Juneau and board the plane. We were so amazed at how fast our time in Alaska flew. We spent our last few days eating lots of salmon and halibut as well as visiting with family and friends while saying our good byes. I made banana pudding for Autumn to finger paint in. She loved it and I sent her home sugared up like a good Nonna!
PeeWee went to the vet to get his international health certificate only to find that the vet had gone out of town. In a panic we got an appointment at the other vet in Juneau. This vet told us that PeeWee needed a booster shot (we still don’t think it was necessary but got it anyway). We left that vet after paying about $200 more for the visit than we had in Texas… everything costs more in Alaska! PeeWee was not thrilled to get another “sharp stick” and showed what he thought of the vet by peeing on the floor before leaving. He showed them!
We knew we were leaving just in time as we heard that it was snowing in Anchorage and heading this way. Also, when we had to wait on the runway for them to de-ice the plane!
He was a trouper on the planes as well. We put him in his little case and under the seat where he mostly slept, never making a sound. He was quite thoroughly examined when we arrived Puerto Vallarta which seemed a change. Paperwork all stamped we grabbed our bags, got the green light and headed to the exit. In Puerto Vallarta when exiting the airport you walk through a barrage of time-share sales people who hound you. We were very happy to see Rick’s smiling face at the end of the line and rushed to him and loaded his truck with all our bags. At the exit we realized that we should have paid the parking in side and had to go back in to pay before we could exit.
Rick had opened up and cleaned Mermaid for our arrival. We dumped all our bags and PeeWee inside, got the air conditioning running, closed the boat and headed to the closest air conditioned bar. We had cold crervesas and watched American Football while Mermaid cooled down. We learned that a boat three slips away from Mermaid had been hit by lightning and lost all electronics. We were thankful that we had been spared! The only casualty of the summer seems to be the aft head (my head). The electric motor seems to have seized during our absence. Boats like to have their systems used and not sit idle. We had Rick start our engine, generator and bilges but didn’t think of the electric head. Oh well, we will get Jeroge back aboard to do his magic.
It’s good to be home!

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