Inland Exploring in El Salvador

Getting off the boat and exploring inland is a great way to get to know the culture and people of an area. The El Salvador Rally hosted a two day trip to Suchitoto so we packed up and headed with the group into central El Salvador. On the way we passed through San Salvador and took the opportunity to stop in the gallery of a famous local artist and in El Centro to take in the sights. San Salvador is a bustling city and the streets in the center of the city are packed with street vendors selling a wide variety of goods. Everything from fresh produce to socks to DVDs were on sale. While most everything here is inexpensive the pirated DVDs for a quarter looked to be a bargain – but we passed them up. We strolled through the very impressive main cathedral then over to another square where a very modern church was located. We were disappointed to find it locked up but Peter from Neko found a way in and we got a quick look before someone spotted us and ran us off.
When we arrived in Suchitoto we drew for rooms and Robin hit the jackpot drawing a very nice, two story suite. That evening we had a wine tasting at the bar across the street from the hotel but the hit of party was a local micro brew named Cadejo. We found that Cadejo is the not so nice way that the girls refer to a guy that is “in the mood” all the time. After quaffing down a few we headed back to the hotel. Along the way we saw a dog that had been thrown into the fountain in the square and was having a hard time getting out. It was Mary from Neko to the rescue much to the amusement of the locals. Back at the hotel we had such a nice suite we invited everyone to come over for a nightcap. What a night!
The next morning Mike joined a group heading down to the lake for a tour in a panga and came back with lots of bird pictures while Robin spent the morning exploring the town. In the afternoon Robin went with a group that got a tie dying lesson at a shop specializes in using locally grow indigo. Everyone came back with a cool scarf and an appreciation of how much work goes into creating the indigo clothing and tapestries that you saw all over town. We spent the rest of the time in the pool and the amazing room. That evening everyone had a fantastic steak dinner at the hotel. The next morning Mike and Robin did some more exploring before boarding the bus and heading back to Bahia del Sol. We moved Mermaid back to the anchorage where there is more breeze.

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