Hurricane Bud

Friday (5/18/12) morning we weighed the anchor and left Punta Mita. As we arrived in La Cruz the wind was blowing and the anchorage in looked a bit rolly so we went into the marina and tied up in a slip (4-B-6). We were happy to see the local boat guys come to the boat to wash her down and scrub her bottom. We ran into friends Paul and Pam from TugTub who we hadn’t seen since the USA and spent the next few days exploring town with them and eating at all the local eateries we could. We got laundry done, went to Cosco for some provisioning and visited with friends old and new.
We found (thanks to Pam and Paul) good restaurants in town. One of the places we ate was a tapas bar and wine store. We were the only table and the owner/server was very happy we were there. He was in the process of making Mike and Paul specialty coffees when he caught the table cloth on fire. We threw water on it and he removed the burning cloth. It was all we could do not to laugh, it was so Mexico!
I ran into my friend Donna from Profligate and she drove me to Paradise Village to check in with Dick & Gina, get a little work done on her boat and play a bit before heading back to La Cruz. It was fun catching up and she introduced me to some new friends. I got a pedicure and looked around Paradise Village. It has really grown in the years we have been gone. I found out what our slip (for the next 7 or so months) will be and checked it out running into Lynn & Doug from Miramar on the way. It seems our old neighbors from La Paz will now be our new neighbors in Paradise Village. It started to rain and Donna & I agreed it was time to head for home.
We had the first hurricane of the season! Hurricane Bud. We got Mermaid hurricane proof and headed into Philo’s for a hurricane watch party. Bud fizzled out quickly as he approached land. We got some rain but that was all. It was fun to catch up with Philo.
Mike and I went to Bucerias and explored the town. We hadn’t been there in 10 years and it looked much the same. We wandered along the beach in La Cruz and found the beach where the Mexicans go. We were the only gringos in sight. It was great to see all the families playing on the beach on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. (5.18.12)

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