Our intention was to stop in some of the lovely bays of Huatulco before parking in a marina. As we neared the bays the seas became very large, steep and close together. There was no entering much less anchoring in the bays so we headed into the marina. What a relief it was to enter the calm water of the marina and see security waving us to a slip. Our friends Charlotte and James were there to greet us as well.
Our first day in Huatulco we just couldn’t get motivated to wash Mermaid and start boat projects so we went to breakfast with Charlotte and James then walked to a nearby beach and enjoyed the clear, refreshing water. The next few days consisted of boat chores and watching the weather with a close eye. Our next leg is to cross the infamous Gulf of Tehuantepec. We will have to wait for a three day window to cross it.
We found a vet who came to the boat (twice), examined PeeWee, gave him a shot and two medicines. She said his shoulders have degenerated and it was not a pinched nerve which was great news. He seemed to feel much better quickly and we hope he continues to improve.
We have gotten to meet more and more cruisers heading the same direction. Huatulco seems to be a natural gathering place since this is the last stop to wait for the weather to cross the Tehuantepec. Every day we would compare what we have seen in the weather sites. The Harbor Master has also been briefing us on what weather he had received and reminded us to be patient… Patience seemed to be the mantra here.
We got loads of boat chores done, made trips to the grocery stores and explored the town a bit. We went to Hagia Sofia (the botanical gardens) and had a lovely tour with fresh fruits and great meals. We also swam (at Hagia Sofia) in a freshwater stream and under a waterfall to a small cave behind it. It was beautiful! We went to a local gringo’s beautiful home and were treated to his fantastic homemade pizzas.
We have provisioned, worked on Mermaid and gotten pretty much ready to cross the Tehuantepec (we hope). Just a couple of more chores to do like cleaning the hull at an anchorage and we will be off… Weather permitting!
The forecasts currently show that our window could begin Wednesday afternoon (the 19th). So, our intention (remember we don’t plan any more) is to depart the marine early tomorrow morning (the 18th) and anchor near by to clean the hull and depart for Chiapas on Wednesday afternoon. All fingers and toes are crossed…

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