Holidays in Mexico 2012

Stacy, Frank, Autumn, Austin, Nano and Jessamine all came to visit during the holidays in PV. We missed Alan and Crystal and toasted them. We got loads of beach and pool time in. We had hoped the work on Mermaid would all be completed… but no. We had rented a condo in the marina for everyone anyway so all was well. I had hoped that the galley would be finished so they could see it. I guess they will all have to return to see it now. The plumbing has work has all been completed including the new water heater and new hoses.
Stacy, Frank and Autumn set baby turtles free. Autumn looked in the bowl of baby turtles and exclaimed “tortugas!” We opened Christmas presents, ate, drank and laughed a lot! It was great!
The kids got to pick an adventure during their stay and Austin picked the boat trip to Yelapa. He had good memories of visiting there 10 years ago and wanted to go back. We (Austin, Jessamine and me) boarded the Vallarta Adventures boat across the bay to Yelapa with a snorkel/lunch stop on the way. Next it was off to Yelapa where we walked up to the beautiful waterfall and swam in the cold water under it. We sat on the beach a little before boarding the boat to head back to PV. On the way back across the bay we spotted whales and stopped to watch them jump.
Stacy and Frank went to Rhythms of the Night and came home with stories of how wonderful it was. Mike and I were happy to spend time with all of them all and watch Autumn grow. We had two days of heavy rain which is unusual for this time of year. So, we went into town to explore and shop and during the rain we would hop in a bar for a drink or a restaurant to eat.
Austin got his DJ deck out and showed it to Autumn. She loved pushing the buttons, watching the lights and listening to the music she created. Later, Austin blew bubbles for her and was given the name “Uncle Bubbles” which seemed to sitck.
The kids all seemed to enjoy the beach the most. They could sit under a palapa and order drinks and food while enjoying the beautiful sandy beach… not bad!
Mike and I enjoyed catching up and visiting with Frank, Stacy, Nano and my friend Jessamine… but watching Autumn learn and grow was priceless! I cried all the way home from the airport after taking them and then again when I saw the cheerios trail in the hall…

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