Hola Mexico!

This time we entered customs with all the receipts and paperwork needed to bring the boat parts in without paying more duty. They didn’t x-ray our bags and I got a green light! Of course!
Rick was at the airport ready to take us back to Mermaid. We left for a three week trip to CA and ended up being gone over two months and touring California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Yukon and Alaska… Wow.
Back aboard we didn’t unpack much because we had decided to take our clothes to the house we would be house sitting and keep them from getting that “boat smell.” We turned on the air conditioning and headed up to the yacht club for a cold beer and a swim. This was pretty much our routine for the two days we would be aboard. We were surprised at how our bodies reacted to the heat… We think that maybe our bodies have acclimated to the weather down here because it doesn’t seem nearly as hot as last summer.
We moved into the house on the beach in La Cruz. What a view! Philo arranged for me to ride to Cosco to do some provisioning. We spend our days mostly floating in the pool watching the Mexican fishermen come and go and their families play while waiting for them. Many evenings we walk into town and find some live music.
We had made it back to PV in time for the regatta, but it seemed we didn’t have crew. Quickly it was decided that Mike, Rick and Andreas would be allowed to race on the girls team for the weekend. That doesn’t happen.
Saturday’s three races left us two points out of first place. We had good wind and it seem to be too much for Karla – this was her first race since becoming pregnant. She didn’t feel good all night and was advised not to race. So, Sunday, Rick did tactics and Maria drove. We had some great and exciting starts and managed to finish the weekend in 1st place! Yea.
Our long vacation of sitting in a comfy car and eating lots of fried halibut and drinking lots of beer knocked us on our butts. We were so exhausted and quite sore. I guess at some point we had to pay for that vacation! Now instead of just floating in the pool, we try to exercise a little bit too. Also living in Mexico means lots of walking which is a good thing for our bodies.
Time to go for a float…

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