Hola From Mexico!

November 18th we frantically got the boat ready for departure…
So many of our friends joined us at King Harbor Yacht Club for a farewell get together. Kathy spent the night and cast us off in tears the next morning – Nov. 19th.
We had a great sail most of the day and the wind died just after dark as we expected. Most of the day we had dolphins playing in our bow wake – which made PeeWee very happy. (PeeWee thinks dolphins are called “looks” because we always say look when we see them). We were treated to a beautiful sunset. Mike and I took our turns at night watch as we motored down the coast and neither of us got much sleep.
November 20 – Sunday. We arrived Ensenada around 9:00 in the morning along with a huge cruise ship, a few fishermen and the most amazing sunrise. As we made our way to our slip we notice three men waiting to take our dock lines. We call them the Js of E Dock… Jay, Jim and James greeted us and helped tie us to the dock. I quickly furled lines and rinsed the boat. We were both exhausted! Benita (Jays’ wife and cruisers just two boats down the dock) brought us hot, fresh tapioca pudding. It was perfect! We both went straight to bed for a much needed nap. No offices are open on Sunday so no check in today. We walked into town and had fish and shrimp. Mike found an ATM and wanted to get pesos… the ATM spit out American Dollars. Oh well… PeeWee was glad to meet new dock friends and walk on the grass.
November 21st – Monday. Today, being a national holiday (Revolution Day) means yet again offices aren’t open. We were able to find an ATM farther in town away from tourist stuff that dispenses pesos. With local $ in hand we tried the pork tacos that our neighbors said are the best at Hermanos Ramirez… They were fantastic! We walked through the fish market and quickly decided that we need to purchase some shrimp before leaving here. Back at the boat, we got some boat chores done and headed back to town to find somewhere to eat dinner. Not much was open (holiday) and we decided to stop in a place that was crowded with families… couldn’t be bad right? Wrong! It was terrible. Robin said that it was the Mexican version of Taco Bell but Mike thought that was a slam to Taco Bell. Back to the boat for a night-cap and early to bed.

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