Haul Out

Monday morning, June 2nd came all to early for me. I really get nervous when we haul Mermaid out of the water. She is our home and a very heavy girl. I don’t want anything to happen to her! We left Paradise Village around 8:00am, just as the rain was ending and motored to Puerto Vallarta where the travel lift at Opequimar was waiting for us. The guys were ready and very professional. They asked for photos of Mermaid and I dug out my computer and showed them pictures of her in the sling on a previous haul out. OK, maybe these guys are careful… The haul out was “picture” perfect and before I knew it Mike, PeeWee and I were enjoying a breakfast at the yacht club while Mermaid got a power wash bath and put on her stands. Jeorge (who is overseeing the work) had us take a look at the bottom and consider taking all the years of bottom paint off the boat and starting like new. We will have to do this sooner or later and this yard seems to do good work…
Meanwhile, we rented a condo in the marina, checked in and headed to the pool. We had challenges with the electricity (which meant no ac much of the time). We really enjoyed trying out all the restaurants in the marina. It seems that since we have gotten to PV we have eaten, drank and put on weight!
Thursday I went for a practice sail with the Team Dreadnaughts. It was great to be back out sailing on the bay. Talk about immersion Spanish lessons… I trimmed the jib upwind and the shoot downwind while not understanding the skipper. I really need to learn some key sailboat racing terms before next week!
Friday morning we moved into the house – a new friend has a lovely home and 3 little dogs and a cat went on vacation so we were happy to move in for 10 days. PeeWee is actually the big dog this time!

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