Happy New Year!

We enjoyed a quiet New Year’s Eve aboard Mermaid and were treated to a great fireworks show off the beach. We traded movies with Pegasus and bid them farewell for a brief time while they explore inland and we get ready to fly to Juneau. We were on full baby watch as Stacy was due December 31st and the new year arrived without the baby. We did boat chores, relaxed and enjoyed potlucks with other cruisers. We also took Mermaid to the anchorage about 10 miles south of here called Petatlan and anchored for a few days. It was beautiful but a challenge to get to shore. We made it in the dink and gave the locals a good laugh departing. Let’s just say we were quite wet and the dink had a bit of water in it. Oh well, it’s all part of the adventure!


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