Happy New Year with a Man Overboard!

12/29-30 We did boat chores and shopping to get ready to head to the islands on Saturday.
12/3/11 – We motored along Isla Espiritos Santos and spotted quite a few anchorages we want to check out soon. We arrived at the anchorage between Santos and Isla Partida (called Caleta Partida) and dropped the hook. What a beautiful place! White sand beaches and clear water with mountains all around. As we were enjoying our landfall drinks Sherry and Bob of Nirvana came by to join us. They invited us to Nirvana for a UTC New Year’s Eve celebration. UTC midnight here is 5:00 PM… Perfect! Sherry said to dress for the occasion. Soon Exit Strategy came in, anchored and called us over for drinks so we splashed the dink and visited with them until time to go to Nirvana.
Mike wore a tux shirt with his board shorts and I wore a black sequined dress (both barefoot) and headed to Nirvana. We met several other cruisers and celebrated – with champagne – the UTC New Year before heading to Exit Strategy for lobster. We had a fun evening but being true cruisers we did not make midnight. Bob had fun too… so much so that he fell off the boat getting into his dink to go home!
1/1/12 It was a quiet morning in the anchorage. Mike made his Bloody Marys. Wayne and Shelia came by around 11:00 to have one, Bob came by and said they were recovering this morning and passed on the drinks. Exit Strategy came by at 4:00pm for their Bloody Marys. It seems the anchorage was moving a bit slow this day.
We took the dink through the pass looking for the rock formation in the cliff that the guide book described as Alfred Hitchcock’s face as the landmark to find the caves. We found it and the caves – enjoyed the landscape and headed back to the beach for more exploring before heading back to Mermaid for a quiet evening.
1/2/12 We explored the beaches a bit more before hoisting the anchor to head back to the marina. I did not want to leave but it was time to go. We had a lovely sail for most of the day on the way back.

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