Gone to the Sea… :)

Frig on the Blink… Again!
Thursday 4/26 Our frig has been quite the bur under our saddle. We spent quite a bit of money having a new one built that never worked properly then rebuilding to still not work properly. The Technautics unit has worked fine, but the box was not properly insulated. Now the compressor has decided to quit… probably because it runs 24/7. We threw away way too much food and put the few items that were ok in the cooler with ice (including the Lemoncello Kathy and I made last week). Our intent is to leave on Friday afternoon and make our way north in the Sea to Loreto for Loreto Fest and are worried that frig repairs may delay us. Hector is working on it today and we have our fingers crossed that he can fix it. If not… it must be a hex placed by Gabriel the General Manager for the marina. He came by yesterday and told us that he didn’t want us to leave and joked about having divers remove our prop. All joking aside, Gab is a great manager and we feel quite honored that he joked about making plans to keep us here.
Friday 4-4 Hector got the frig running again! I ran errands to get things we need before getting into a port in a few weeks. I didn’t get much to go in the frig/freezer because we still don’t trust it yet.
We fueled, checked out and left Costa Baja at 4:00pm. We sailed a bit and motored a bit (the wind came from every direction on the compass during the course of the afternoon!) and arrived at Ensenada Grande around 7:30pm and anchored. Ensenada Grande is a beautiful, three lobed anchorage and we anchored in the middle. We boiled shrimp, made guacamole and had dinner in the cockpit. During the night the wind came up and put us to a lee shore… Not our preferred place to be so Mike decided to sleep in the cockpit to keep an eye on things. The Manta Rays were jumping so close to the boat that Mike couldn’t sleep and had to go below.
Saturday morning Mike realized that a repair we had done in La Paz had been done without hose clamps. He went to work to repair the repair while I readied Mermaid to leave the anchorage. The wind was still blowing and Mantas still jumping all around. We raised anchor and headed out to sea. And as Friday so was Saturday – winds from every direction and no wind at all much of the time. So, we sailed, motored and sailed again.
Just south of Nopolo a huge pod of dolphins swam by the boat to the delight of PeeWee. About 4:00pm we arrived at Los Gatos where we had planned on anchoring and decided the wind was from the wrong direction and kept on. We arrived at Agua Verde around 6:30 and dropped the anchor. We enjoyed sitting in the cockpit watching the fishermen return to the village and being greeted by women, kids and dogs. This is such a happy place! We had a great night of sleeping… the sea was flat calm and there was some breeze to keep it cooler in the boat and keep the bugs away.
Sunday we ate a great breakfast while watching the fishermen head out for the day. We made water, showered and ran the battery charger in hopes of a sailing day. At 10:30am we raised the anchor and headed north. The scenery was spectacular as the mountains seem to get taller and taller. We saw lots of dolphins, mantas and other fish during the day. We were hailed by SV Silmaril who wanted to know if we happened to have a camera aboard (good one!) to take a photo of their boat underway as they didn’t have any. We told them that we were happy to do so and adjusted our course to pass a little closer to them. I took a bunch of photos of them (may have found a new cover for the mag) and we exchanged e-mail addresses. We look forward to meeting them somewhere in the Sea of Cortez.
We had been having a great day of sailing and even caught two fish! Yes, they weren’t any we would like to eat so we threw them back… where are the edible ones? We jibed the boat to head for the bay and it looked like we were going to sail into the rock face! This is one of those times that we really questioned the chart plotter… but the charts (we had them all in the cockpit by this time) all agreed so we kept going. I was very uncomfortable at sailing towards a cliff and Mike agreed to turn on Henry just in case we needed him in a hurry. Finally the wall opened up and we could see that we were actually going to sail between the rock and land. What a relief! None of the chart books mention that it is difficult to see the bay…
We anchored around 2:00pm and found that the internet actually works here. We did a little work, splashed the dink and went in to explore the resort. We were welcomed, walked through the beautiful resort and ate a great dinner before heading back to Mermaid. During the night the coroumel winds blew a little, but nothing to be concerned about.
Monday morning, I got some boat chores done while Mike worked. I can’t seem to get the internet very well today and cannot get the Rouge Wave to work on my computer. Mike dinghied me into the resort with a handheld to call him to join me later. I met some cruisers on my way to the pool and sat to chat. We all moved to the pool and continued our conversations in the water of the beautiful pool. A little later Mike came in and we sat at the bar with some cruisers for a bit before heading back to Mermaid for dinner. The winds blew hard during the night but our anchor held just fine.
Tuesday morning we were heading out for a dinghy adventure when a huge whale surfaced in the anchorage. Baleen breath early in the morning… yuck! We thought all the whales had migrated north but guessed we were wrong…

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