Last night we celebrated Thanksgiving at Philo’s in La Cruz. It was a pot luck where we all brought food to feed 8-10 people and Philo supplied the turkeys. It was great fun with a big crowd. The food and music were great and a good time was had by all.
Today the three workers came to Mermaid with their tools of destruction and took our old “gene” generator out. They had told us this job could take two days but they got it done in less than one. The generator was bigger than the hole to remove it and even through we thought they would have to cut into the deck to remove it, but it came out in pieces. At one time they said they were ready to cut and I asked them to take more parts off and make it smaller. They said “OK” and did just that. Yea! Now the hard work of cleaning up and prepping Mermaid for the new generator begins. We hope the new one arrives on Monday, fingers and toes are all crossed!
A friend asked today for us to give them a departure date so they could salute us as we leave. I told them that we have missed our departure date by weeks at this point and we may just slink out with the tide…

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