Fog clears at the State Line!

Our last day driving in California was very foggy on the coast and pretty in the redwoods. We left the main highway and drove through the Redwood Forest State Park – AMAZING! We were in awe of the tree with the largest circumference in USA. There were some BIG trees in the park! As we crossed the state line to Oregon the skies cleared and we enjoyed a warm sunny day. California must have forgotten to pay the sun taxes or something…
The Oregon Coast is beautiful! We stopped at several beaches to admire the scenery and found a little funky cafe on a pier. It is amazing how much the wind blows in Oregon and the waves in the ocean were HUGE. For a change we were very happy to be in a car and not a boat on this day.
Jessamine had read a story about a rock in the ocean with a woman’s face on it with her kittens (little rocks) all around and we had to find it. That was a little harder than we thought it was going to be, but we succeeded. We could see the face in the rock but never made the rocks near her into kittens… Oh well, it was all part of the adventure.

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