Fishing Trip

Before leaving California, we attended a fundraiser for the Daniel Hernandez Youth Foundation and purchased a fishing trip with a three night hotel stay near Cabo. We decided that La Paz is as close as we would be and scheduled our adventure. March 26th we got our rental car and headed to Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort. We thought the hotel was in San Jose Del Cabo so we headed there. Upon arrival at SJDC we got out the computer to get directions and realized the hotel was an hour behind us… we had passed it! Oh well, U turn and off to the hotel. No wonder we passed it, even knowing exactly where it was it was still hard to find. The staff greeted us and checked us in. The hotel was sweet and quaint. It felt like we had stepped back in time – late 60s early 70s and very family oriented. So different from Cabo! We enjoyed our stay and PeeWee loved having a patio and yard of real grass not plastic.
Wednesday morning (very early!) we went on a fishing excursion with our guides Mario and Juan. The boat anchored just off the beach and a man on a panga (with no engine) took us to our boat. We were very glad the wind had died down and the seas were calm otherwise it could have been quite exciting getting to our boat. The captain was surprised to see PeeWee in the bag and even though he didn’t seem thrilled, he said nothing but welcome aboard. After a conversation of what we wanted to fish for (something edible was our request) we set off to get bait. We first went to a panga and bought what looked like mackerel of some sort, then another panga a bit farther down for sardines, then we started fishing. It was a beautiful, calm, sunny day. The first fish – Mike’s was a Bonita. We don’t eat those but kept it for the Mexicans who do. The next fish, mine, fought hard and was a beautiful Yellow Tail Tuna… we eat those! One more Bonita for Mike and we called it a day. It had been a good day on the water, moving from spot to spot fishing at each one. It was amazing to sit bobbin on the boat with manta rays jumping all around us the entire day. The hotel had packed us a good lunch with some water and a few beers as well. Back at the beach, we transferred to the panga and onto the beach. The hotel said they would fillet the fish, vacuum pack and freeze it for us to take home and we told them they could keep the Bonita. Pool time and a walk on the beach before dinner and early to bed… we were pooped!
Thursday just before noon we left the resort and drove to Bahia Muertos to check it out. Real estate developers have had the name of the bay renamed to Bahia Suertos because they couldn’t sell home sites in an area that translates to bay of the dead… I guess bay of dreams sounds better to home buyers. The bay looked like a nice anchorage with room for quite a few boats. We ate lunch at the over priced restaurant on the beach and headed for La Paz. We made a quick stop at Walmart since we had a car to pick up heavy things like Cokes and milk. Back at Mermaid we found that several sailboats and come into the marina. We met our new neighbors and shared our fresh fish (since the freezer isn’t working properly). This was another good adventure.

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