Finally Out of the Vortex!

Monday morning we checked out of the marina and headed over to the fuel dock. Leaving the slip was tougher than it should be due to the mix of wind and tides and Mermaid’s length. The bow blew off and made it a bit tough to leave the dock until some friendly neighbors came by and held her bow while the stern blew off and we could back out. While fueling we heard someone yelling “hey Mermaid” and saw Andy and Randy running down the sidewalk and onto the dock. They caught up to us and had come all the way to La Cruz to see us off… How wonderful! We will miss them. Also, dock neighbors and friends from the anchorage dinghied over to say fair winds. We got some fuel (we should have gotten more but the fuel nozzle was causing problems) and left the marina… Finally!
I’m not sure who was smiling the most; Mike, me, or Mermaid as we left the harbor. We hoisted the sails, shut down the engine and started sailing across the bay… Very slowly! We then realized that we hadn’t had the bottom cleaned in the last 5 weeks while stuck in the marina… That’s gonna slow us down! Oh well, we weren’t in any hurry and slowly sailed across Bandaras Bay. We had whales around us all day. It seems the bay didn’t want us to leave either.
We finally got some wind when we got to Cabo Corriente which is famous for big wind and big seas. We had 20 – 25 kts of wind and some pretty big swells. Mermaid loves this wind and we had a fantastic and fast rounding. The wind would die then come back up. We would sail, motor and sail again. Dolphins played around us all through the night. We got close to Chamala and thought about anchoring to clean Mermaid’s hull but it seemed that the wind was filling in and we might have a good day of sailing. The decision was made to take a day of sailing and stop in Tenacatita to clean the bottom. The weather was predicted to soften each day and we wanted as much sailing as we could get.
Mike decided that there is a wind god and he likes to screw with cruisers… You guessed it, the wind died and we motored all the way to Tenacatita. We anchored in the lovely bay and quickly dove over the side for a wonderful swim… I don’t think I mentioned how hot the day was… A few minutes later Ken and Nancy on Gitane came in and anchored behind us. They also quickly went for a swim and swam by for a sundowner.
Mike and I had a dinner in the cockpit while enjoying the beauty of this bay and enjoyed being out of a slip. We went to bed very early and slept for 12 hours. We were tired.
Wednesday morning we went right to work on Mermaid. Mike on the hull and me cooking and cleaning inside the boat while it was cool.

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