El Tunco

Let’s face it, everybody needs a vacation now and then. Whether you’re toiling in the salt mines or sitting on your yacht a change of scenery can be just what the doctor ordered. It sounds crazy that you’d want to get away from cruising your sailboat sitting and a tranquil anchorage in a tropical setting. Maybe it is, but Robin wanted a few days in a hotel where she didn’t think about preparing a meal, cleaning, doing laundry and Mike wanted a break from working on the plumbing, electrical systems and engine. We decided that a couple of days in an air conditioned hotel sitting on the beach sipping a cerveza would be a nice change. We hired an ex-pat driver and headed up the coast to El Tunco. It’s a funky little surfing town with just one road, a black sand beach and a couple of nice breaks. That did the trick. The breeze was cool, the surf was running head high and we spent the days sipping a cold one watching world go by. The locals were ripping it up and beginners were mostly floundering around but both were fun to watch. In the evening we walked around and found a something to eat before heading back to the hotel and enjoying a night sleeping with the air conditioning blasting. Our driver showed up at the appointed hour to whisk us back to the marina where we found Mermaid patiently waiting.

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