El Salvador

We woke well rested and took a walk on the beach before it got too hot. Then we washed the salt off the boat – there was a lot of salt on the girl! We visited with Bill from the rally in the cockpit and got all the scoop about anchoring and mooring here in the estuary. We wandered out to the pool and found Neko, Talos IV and Kia Ora so we joined them. It was nice to float in the pool with an El Salvadoran beer and visit with our new friends. We all walked a bit down the road and ate pupusas which is the local dish in El Salvador. They are sort of a tortilla stuffed with any combination of pork, beans and cheese with a pickled cabbage on the top. They were quite good. We have been told that after leaving Mexico there would be no more spicy food and that seems to be the case.
We moved Mermaid out of the marina and anchored near the hotel. It is very calm in the estuary and we point into the current not the breeze. The current and breeze made anchoring an interesting exercise, but the bottom is mud and sand so the anchor stuck quickly.
We took a dinghy excursion up the estuary to the beginning of the river and only got stuck in the mud once. Then we went the other way a couple of miles and saw some nice homes along the way. After the dink ride we went up to the pool for the hotel’s Thursday pool happy hour. It was fun, and every hour seems happy here at Bahia del Sol…
Friday, we took the dinks from Mermaid and Talos IV up the estuary (we got lost a few times) and finally found Herradura. We ate lunch and wandered around the town. The ride was pretty and a good adventure. On our way back to the dinks we rode in a Tuk-tuk, all four of us… We ran into Jatimo who were waiting for a ride back to the marina so they hopped in our dink and we had company for the ride back. Btw… We didn’t get lost on the way back but we did get stuck in the mud a couple of times and hit a snake… Yikes!
Last night (Friday) we went for pupusas with some other boats. Then back home to Mermaid just in time for a thunderstorm. It rained and thundered a lot. We wondered if this was a little foreshadowing of the season to come in Central America. Oh well… It’s all part of the adventure!

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