El Salvador Rally In Full Swing

Boats have been coming in over the bar to Estero Jaltepeque steadily for the past week as the kickoff of the El Salvador rally approached. There were some old friends with James and Charlotte on Pegasus and David and Kim on Maluhia pulling in but many new friends as well. Mike went out on the pilot boat to take pictures of our friends from Pegasus and Maluhia as they crossed the bar. Also, Captain Holly Scott flew in and is staying aboard Mermaid while she gathers information for a new “Charlie’s Charts of Central America.” The El Salvador Rally isn’t like most rallies that sail from point A to point B with a party or two at both ends. It’s a month long celebration of the culture, cuisine and beauty of El Salvador. You can come and go to suit your schedule and join in on the events as you please.
We spent the last week getting to know everyone and enjoying the pupusas at the kickoff party, getting a net throwing lesson (the fish were safe from gringos again this year) and enjoying a day exploring the estuary and beach combing near the mouth of the Rio Lempa. We learned to make empenadas which are very different in El Salvador. We also all gathered at ex-pats Lou and Lynn’s house for some swimming and bocci ball. In between events we spent the days with Holly gathering information on the local facilities and sampling the fare at several local eateries.

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