Dude Ranch/Fat Camp

We passed the 2000 mile mark on the trip today!
Before leaving Vancouver we toured Stanley Park, visited the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club and stopped by Al & Betty’s house for coffee. What a beautiful place they have and they haven’t changed a bit!
The drive to Whistler was spectacular! The signs along the highway are in the local First Nations language (which we can’t figure out how to pronounce -especially with a 7 in the middle of all the X’s) then in English.
What a treat to visit the Olympic Village. We drove through most of it and walked quite a bit of it wondering how crowded it must have been during the Olympics.
The towns got smaller and smaller as we traveled farther north and the roads on the freeway weren’t always paved! We realized that we need remember our metric conversions as Jessamine had figured our “miles” to go and the map was in kilometers. Well, at least the travel for the day was a bit short than we thought it would be.
Out here one must be constantly aware of the level of gas in the tank! Fortunately the Canadians are kind enough to put signs on the road to remind us of this… After passing one sign saying to check the fuel because the next available fuel was 94 miles away, Robin did a u-turn and headed back for gas.
The views driving through Canada are so amazingly beautiful! Today we saw beautiful lakes and raging rivers as we passed from the Coastal Mountain Range to the Cascade Mountain Range. The lakes all looked like postcards with the cliffs and tall trees mirrored in them.
We ended up 8 miles north of 100 Mile House (yes that is the name of the town) and stopped at a Dude Ranch/Fat Camp for the night. Jessamine and Robin are safely locked in their room with cheese and crackers, salami, dips, chips and rum so don’t any of you worry.

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