Dominoes and Fish

This week brought more of the same… boat chores, exploring La Paz, eating and drinking with friends… Such is the cruiser life in La Paz.
Dock parties are not allowed in the marina so we have “safety meetings” to watch the sunset and get to know our neighbors. The sunsets here are amazing and the neighbors fun and interesting.
This past weekend we went out to the anchorage at Lobos and our Aussie friends on Hafa Adai went along and anchored by us. We had the anchorage to ourselves and spent the weekend taking dinghy adventures, playing cards and dominoes and mostly enjoying each others company and the beautiful, peaceful anchorage. Saturday late afternoon we noticed a whaler with two people aboard paddling towards us. We went above and found out that their battery was dead. Mike hooked up a battery charger (through the lower port) and charged the battery… a few times. It seems the battery was not the true problem. They called their parents and said they were coming to get them. We invited them aboard and tried to converse with them. The young man spoke no English and the girl spoke a little. Eventually, the father of one of the kids came up in a power boat, tried to find the problem and eventually towed them away. We went back to our game and evening aboard the boats.
Sunday morning Hafa Adai had to leave due to a battery problem (I hope it is not catching) and we enjoyed the quiet anchorage and made water. When the tank was filled we headed back to the marina with only a jib out making close to 7kts. It was a very low tide and I was very nervous watching the depth sounder get numbers lower than we have ever seen… We made it to our slip and found out that Hafa Adai had run aground and had to be towed off – they draw a foot and a half less than we do! Also, the big boat that has been under water for weeks now was upright! We wonder for how long??
Back at the dock I made a spaghetti dinner for all of us and we watched Captain Ron because Dave and Nancy had never seen it…
I caught a ride with Jeff and Anne of Outrider to all the big grocery stores… I still can’t find graham crackers (or the crumbs) and lemons…
We got an estimate on getting all of our teak redone and settled in for the shock… we were pleasantly surprised and asked when he could start… Antonio is now here every day working away on the teak… Mermaid will be sparkling and beautiful!
Nancy and I took a shuttle to Bravo Market to get some fresh fish and boy was it fresh! They were unloading lots of fish into the stalls. I asked for dorado and was told no dorado yellowtail are running. There were piles of yellowtail everywhere… not being Mike’s favorite fish I looked for something else and spotted some Sierra. Pointing at one to show what kind of fish I wanted, the man thought I wanted that particular fish and told me 35 pesos (just under $3US). I asked him to fillet the fish and he said that would make it 65 pesos (about $4.80 US)… deal! I came home with almost 4lbs of fresh sierra and started cooking up a storm. We ate sierra for a couple of days and PeeWee did as well. I have even been feeding Antonio at lunch which seems to make him very happy.
Nancy had heard of a lady who speaks English and does great haircuts so we made appointments and headed to her house. As it turns out she is from Oxford, England and has lived in La Paz for 22 years. She was absolutely delightful and we are both happy with our haircuts. We returned to our boats for dinner before gathering on Hafa Adai for dominoes… What a fun day!

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