Crocodile Classic

I have only stand up paddle boarded once and that was in Juneau where the object was to go slow and not to fall into the freezing water. Somehow Gina convinced me to enter a SUP regatta… she said there would be a beginner category and I would be fine. Well… I showed up, paid my entry fee and found out that there weren’t other beginners so I was placed with the experts. Oh well, I just wanted to play and learn a bit about SUP. I opted for a “not fast but stable” board and climbed on. These ladies were ready to race – I just wanted to make it around the course without falling off the board. Did I mention the race was in the marina where the crocodiles live?! I managed to make it around the sprint course and then the long course around the island without falling off my board. I was not awarded a medal but I was quite proud of myself anyway. I really had a blast! At one point in the sprint race I spotted my friends on Younger Girl and stopped to chat… they yelled “paddle, you are racing” oops. It was a fun day and I got good exercise…

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