Catalina Island… Finally!

We finally left Long Beach Thursday morning. There were two workmen on the boat until almost 11 pm Wednesday night and they didn’t quite finish. Thursday was a great day for the crossing – for a power boat! The seas were flat and there was not a breath of wind. We did see a couple of huge whales and quite a few dolphins, so PeeWee was a happy dog (except for the bath he had on the way).
As soon as we got onto the mooring (F1) the wind started blowing 15kts, but only in the Isthmus – a condition known as “the fan.” We launched the dink and ate an early dinner before heading to shore to meet Woody and Dena.
Woody and Dena had spent the week circumnavigating the island and it was fun to hear their stories over a few buffalo milks. We were also joined by Bacon and Ilsa as well as Bruce from Harbor Patrol. (Robin had met Bruce in Oakland in 2005 with Kathy and that is a story all to itself)
Off to bed for a lovely night floating on the mooring!

The Isthmus of Catalina Island off Mermaid's bow

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