Carnival,Bullfight and Guests… Oh My!

I found Carnival to be much different than Mardi Gras that we know. Carnival in Mexico is very much a family occasion. At the parades and firework presentations we saw many Mexican families with children of all ages. It was quite refreshing to see.
The bullfight… it has taken me a while to think through my feelings on this event. I did enjoy the pageantry before the actual bullfight (not really a fight because the bull doesn’t stand a chance) as well as the amazing horsemanship. I was quite disturbed by the bullfight itself. I found it to be very cruel and painful for the bull and was appalled that this was done for enjoyment. I know I am a Californian at heart, but this event was way too disturbing and barbaric for me.
It was fun having Jessamine and Nano visit back to back. It is also nice to get back into our routine on Mermaid. Nano (Mike’s mom) got on a plane in Dallas and flew to Mazatlan where we picked her up and introduced her to Mexico. We floated in the pool, explored Mazatlan, shopped, ate and drank. I took her to the Centro Mercado where we bought fresh veggies and fish and took them home to Mermaid where we cooked them and had dinner at home. We all went on a trimaran to Deer Island for lunch. Mike & I rented a Hobie 16 and sailed in the bay. I don’t think we had sailed a Hobie in years and it was a blast. We enjoyed lunch on the beach and headed back to El Cid. Nano’s hotel suite was just outside the gate of our dock which was very convenient. The staff at El Cid made her feel like a princess. We put her in a cab to the airport where she flew back to Texas and life aboard Mermaid was back to normal once again.

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