Saturday morning we did some laundry and filled (really filled) the Yukon – we can’t even see out the back – and headed north. We drove all day. Sunday morning we drove to Vancouver, Washington and stayed with our friends Mark and Debbie from Younger Girl. We had so much fun catching up with them that we stayed two nights! Debbie wanted to show us some of the beauty of Oregon and Washington. She drove us all around and was a great tour guide. She even had a bed for PeeWee!
Next, we drove to Seattle and checked out Pike’s Market before stopping at Jeff and Melody’s (from Double Diamond). We cooked salmon, shared photos and caught up on our sailing adventures. We are very fortunate to have made such good friends while cruising.
Our friend Curt had Fed Exed our registration and license plates to Jeff and Melody’s and we crossed the border into Canada without any problems. We took the scenic route along the Thomas River and were amazed by the beauty. We spent the night in Kamloops before doing more touring the next day.
Thursday, the drive was amazing! Canada gets more beautiful the farther in we travel. The weather grew much cooler and snow is on the mountains. We stopped at some National Parks and explored a bit. We have seen a bear, chipmunks, lots of birds, mountain sheep, deer and a wolf.
As we reached the town of Golden we found Hwy 1 closed due to avalanches. We quickly looked at the map and traveled south to the other way to enter Banff and headed south. As we reached the highway to take us to Banff, we found it closed as well. We stopped and chatted with the flag lady who told us the roads to Banff are closed due to avalanches but the hot springs were open and we should stay here… So, we found a hotel, checked in, called and cancelled our reservation in Banff. We ordered a pizza and will see what the night brings and figure out where to go tomorrow.
It seems cruising on land has many similarities to cruising in a boat.

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