Canada Eh?

We left Afton’s this morning although we could have stayed there forever and headed to Vancouver BC. We will stop complaining about fog because we now have rain and plenty of it! Jessamine keeps trying to convince the rain to go south to Texas…
We got to the border and wondered why they had their flag at half mast (a politician died this morning). Robin did her best blond chatty maneuver and got the two quickly across the border… they will let anyone into Canada.
Vancouver is a bustling city with people everywhere and lots happening. We got to our hotel to find the only room type we booked had a plumbing problem… not problem they put us in a suite on the 9th floor for the same price… so we booked another night! The view has proven worth while, its basically a 1 bedroom apartment with great views of downtown Vancouver and the water… that works!
Robin did a search on the internet and found some friends she and Mike made while cruising the South Pacific and gave them a call. They had a long phone conversation and are trying to line schedules up to at least have a cup of coffee and see each other. What a great day!

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