British Virgin Islands

Robin and Jessamine arrived on the island of Tortolla and were greeted by warmth and beauty as well as some old friends. We took a ferry to Spanish Town on Virgin Gorda and found SV Sheel Delight owned by Dave and Kathy Irwin. The group prepared the boat, ate, drank and played. The next day (after fixing a few problems on the boat), we motored to Leverick Bay and visited the bar and pool. During the evening we were joined by Richard Branson’s 105 ft sailboat Necker Belle. We keep good company!
Saturday we headed to the Bitter End Yacht Club and checked in our room. Dave and Kathy are on the Quarterdeck Dock so we still get to play with them. Sunday we decided (a bit too late) to do the am part of the regatta and race a Rhodes 19. We missed the first race but took a first place in the second race and a second place in the third race… not too shabby.
Off to the pool and bushwackers for the afternoon before the party at the pub and a lovely dinner at the restaurant.
The internet is a bit slow here so not many pictures at this time… later.

Happy Autumn Rose... almost 2 months old

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