Bogota, Colombia

We’ve always said that our plans are written in the sand at low tide… Oh, and we don’t make plans any more, just intentions… While getting Mermaid provisioned to sail to San Blas, we got the word that the most recent surgeon we had been in contact with could do the surgery and we needed to get to Bogota ASAP.
Bogota is a gritty, bustling city of 9 million people nestled in a high valley at 8,500 feet of elevation. We came for Robin to have surgery to replace an implant in the joint that connect her jaw to her skull. This was put in after a car accident around 20 years ago and has been giving her problems for a while. We did a lot of research and selected a doctor in Bogota who has a great reputation for this procedure. We booked a hotel in Candeleria, the historic part of town for the first week. There was a lot to see within walking distance and we spent the hours when we weren’t meeting with doctors wandering the streets. We visited the Museo Del Oro, ate local food and found the Bogota Beer Company near our hotel. This isn’t a tourist town and our Spanish was routinely stretched to the limit but we muddled through and really enjoyed our stay in Candeleria. Note the sign in the picture next to the Public Beer House that says cerveza $1500. Wow, sounds expensive for a beer but one dollar gets you 1,900 Colombian pesos so it’s really only about 75 cents. Not bad. Robin’s surgery was in a modern facility in the Usaquen section of town so we booked a furnished apartment near there and moved in just before the surgery. The 6 1/2 hour surgery was a success and Robin’s recovery and physical therapy is going well.$1500 Ajiaco Soup Ajiaco Along the Street Big Bib Bogota View Florist Grafitti In thes Street Llama in the Square Military Museo Del Oro Music Lesson Police Dog Rum & Coke Shopping Statue Street Scene Street Scenes Sweets

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