Blessing of the Fleet & The Galley is Finished!!

We have been busy with boat chores and I have been practicing and racing with the girls on Dreadnought. We are in 2nd place and lost the tie breaker for 1st place… The sailing has been amazing, the whales very entertaining and I think the guys are getting tired of being beaten by the girls so much,. Oh well!
The boat project list of items to be done before leaving the dock is getting shorter – I am happy to report. The galley is finished (well… almost. We have a tiny bit of finish work to do around the electrical outlets)! Mike and I got the tiles mortared into place and grouted a day later. It looks great and the mosaic backsplash really adds to Mermaid’s charm and character. We have been picking up tile and pottery pieces for 10 years imagining how they will look on the walls. It is great to have this project done!
Today was the blessing of the fleet. The cruisers gathered at the amphitheater at Paradise Village where a priest said some prayers and blessed the boaters. Our friend Ibis translated for him. The priest then got in a panga and went throughout the marina and blessed every boat. It was quite amazing!
We had a few days of cool weather and it seemed quite odd to put on jeans in the evening, but it is hot again. Our friends Bruce and Lina are in town and it has been so much fun catching up with them and seeing them again. We also have met up with friends we met here 10 years ago, Les and Diane of Gemini. They haven’t changed a bit and it has been great catching up with them too.

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