Bienvenidos a Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a reputation for having enough red tape to wrap every Christmas gift ten times so we were ready for and entire day of getting inspected detected and neglected by the local officials in Playa Del Coco where we checked in. We hired a cab with the crew of Neko to ferry us from the various offices we had to visit and headed out early. Things didn’t start out well. You have to come armed with multiple copies of several documents and Mike had left one the printer the night before so had to go back to the boat to retrieve it. Once the false start was out of the way things went smoothly and we made the paperwork cha cha from the Port Captain to Migracion, back to the port captain, out to customs then back to the Port Captain without a hitch. We were done by early afternoon and celebrated by having a great lunch at the swanky El Mangrove hotel on the beach near where we were anchored.

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