Bees and Iguanas!

While Mike was in Texas bees decided to move into our mast and make their home up there. It took about a week to get an exterminator to come to the boat. Once the exterminator decided what kind of bees we had they ordered the chemicals to smoke them out. I am happy to report that Mermaid is now bee free… now for the clean up!
Once the bees left we realized that iguanas were boarding. There are many iguanas in the area and a new “litter” seems to have hatched and baby iguanas are all over the docks and exploring the boats. They are fun to watch and not really a bother as long as they stay outside. They do poop on the deck but we have so much rain every night that it washes off. Every night we have thunderstorms move through and dump quite a bit of rain.
Mike made it back to Puerto Vallarta (after having a blast with his family in Texas) with the parts we had ordered for the boat. We have decided to replace all of our thru hulls on Mermaid during out haul out to paint the bottom. The boat is 35 years old and the thru hulls seem to be fine, but that is a long time to sit in the water and we will feel better having them pulled and replaced with new ones. At least I will feel more secure. My rule aboard Mermaid has always been: People in, Water out. This will insure the latter part. He also brought back boots for PeeWee. The ground is to hot for him to walk during the day and I thought boots would work… He tried to walk (eventually) and went backwards. PeeWee does not like boots!
We have been playing with Doug and Lynn from Miramar quite a bit and having a blast. They had family visit and we all explored PV, walked the Malacon, ate, drank and played a lot of Mexican Train. I don’t think I will ever tire of walking along the Malacon here in Puerto Vallarta. The people, street artists, statues and sunsets are always awesome!

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