Bandaras Bay Regatta – DAY THREE:

The winds were brisk and the sailing was good! We had another great start thanks to our tactician Mike. We had an incidence with the main sheet clutch and Debbie and Melody got rope burns on their hands. Dang… We had a good upwind leg and a nice long spinnaker run. We tacked early around the Sea Mark to get out to the wind… it paid off as the other boats got into an area with little wind and had to tack out. Nice to have a little local knowledge aboard. We finished and headed back to Paradise Village where many stories of the day were told aboard several boats… and of course, drinks were served with stories. Another good day!

We wondered what happened on the first start when one of the big boats started and instantly dropped her sails. We later found out that someone we know aboard had broken one leg and the other ankle. OUCH! The crew took him to the hospital where surgery was scheduled for the next day. Our thoughts are with them.

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