Bandage in Spanish is Vendaje

We have enjoyed being in this lovely house with a pool. The dogs have been fun too. Tonight Rob, Ibis and the girls return and we go back to Mermaid. Her aft head has been pulled out and taken to Jeroge’s shop and today Ron is beginning the work on the frig (we are still waiting on the panels to be shipped from the US).
Last night Mike and I rode bikes to the Italian restaurant near by. The bikes aren’t our so I was worried about leaving them outside… Mike tipped the bartender to keep an eye on them. We had a lovely meal and a martini while having a good talk about our future plans… which by the way we still don’t have any future plans. On the way home I fell over once while laughing too hard. No harm done to me or the bike.
But this morning while bending over to put PeeWee’s food on the floor I whacked my forehead on a shelf. Once the cleaning lady got here we found a band-aid and I could get on with the day. Dang… I hope I don’t end up looking like Harry Potter with a scar on my face!

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