Back in the USA

After 36 hours of flights and no sleep we arrived in Juneau to visit Stacy, Frank and the grandkids. It was late at night so we fell into bed for some much needed sleep and woke in he morning to the happy sounds of the grandchildren. Great hugs all around, wow do we miss these kiddos!

Life in Juneau seems to flow out of the primeval forests that encircle the city giving everything a supernatural glow. We spent a great night in a small cabin at Eagle Beach, walking the banks of the river, toasting marshmallows and playing cards by candlelight.

Rose and Kaash dressed up as Hermione and Harry from Harry Potter for Halloween. Robin joined in costumed as Professor McGonagall. As they do in Juneau, we trick or treated all the businesses in downtown in the afternoon then walked the neighborhood in the evening. Kaash had to get out his brown pants after a skeleton hand tried to grab him as he reached into a pot of candy on a neighbor’s porch. We just can’t get over how fast these two kids are growing and maturing.

Robin did not want to leave but our time in Juneau came to an end and we flew to Texas to visit friends and family where we made Medford Manor, Jessamine’s welcoming home our home base. Mike flew to LA to visit his brother David while Robin was busy gathering the things we needed to take back to Mermaid. Before we knew it, we were boarding a very early flight to Grenada. The temperature was 20 degrees F and the wind whipping as we departed. Where did the summer go?

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