Back in Paradise

I returned back to Mermaid in Paradise Village and it really felt like paradise. Mike flew to Texas to visit his mother and the day he left, I discovered bees in the mast… AGAIN! I pulled a halyard and a couple of hundred bees came flying out of the top. I hurried to the marina office and Gina got in touch with the exterminator who came right out. He looked the situation over and said that he would be back in the morning. The next morning he showed up with another man and introduced him to me as “Mexican Spiderman” which I quickly learned why. This man scurried up to the top of our mast without any safety lines and sprayed bees. He came down, talked with the exterminator then went right back up to the top. The exterminator put some tablets in the bottom of the mast and plugged the lower openings. During all this, PeeWee napped in a bag on the dock. Mexican Spiderman came down and rinsed off. He was covered with bee stings! I asked him if they bothered him and he said no. I’m not sure a tank top was the best choice of a shirt for this job.
Mike and I have been working each day on Mermaid getting her ready to go cruising again and recommissioning all the decommissioning we did getting her ready for summer. Sometimes it seems like sailing to the South Pacific and back was easier…
We have managed to get some beach and pool time in as well. We have reconnected with our Wednesday-Beach-Day group and have been having a blast playing with them. We have gone to Philo’s, Tacos on the Street and two pot lucks. We have visited the yacht club and eaten way too many meals there and it has been fun catching up with friends. Also, I have been back sailing with the Dreadnought Team again.
New batteries, inverter/charger and the goodies that go along with them have been delivered from California and as soon as the electrician gets everything installed we will have a refrigerator again (why we have eaten out way too much).
It is still hot, but not too bad. The water temperature has cooled down a bit which makes us hopeful that the end of hurricane season is here. We are watching Hurricane Raymond which is a category three and south of us and not predicted to come this way. Maybe just rain. We are still using the air conditioning 24/7 and look forward to going back to anchoring out when the evening breezes cool just a bit more.

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