Back in La Paz

Sunday morning we walked over to see the entrance of the channel and decided it was a good time to go, fired up Henry and headed to La Paz. It was a great day to be a power boat which is what we needed since it would be a bash to La Paz. There was almost no wind and the sea was calm. We had a very uneventful crossing (uneventful is a good thing in a crossing!) and got a lot of reading done. It was warm even at night. We saw the green flash! We didn’t see very much sea life on this trip.
Our last evening at sea was Monday we watched another beautiful sunset The stars were so amazing and bright and the sea was a mirrored them. It was an amazing sight. We got into Lobos to anchor just before midnight (just before the moonrise of course). There were eight boats anchored with only two showing mastlights which made it difficult to decide where to anchor so we dropped the hook out in the middle of the anchorage in 43ft of water to be safe. The water was flat and we slept like rocks.
In the morning we ran the watermaker to discover that it isn’t working… now to find a service person for that. We headed into Costa Baja and our new slip for the next six weeks or so. It was quite a surprise to see a US warship anchored off the city! We were greeted by Dan from Papillion who told us we had to go to La Costa to hear Mark Mulligan and eat… so we showered, cleaned up the boat and headed into town. What a fun evening! We ran into friends we made on our last visit to La Paz and caught up while enjoying Mark’s music.
Wednesday we got some work done (what a relief to have good internet) and inflated the new kayak and took a tour. Outside the harbor there was coral growing with lots of fish around. The water was clear with a white sand bottom, it looked like the Caribbean. We even saw dolphins which made PeeWee very happy. The kayak is great… much better than the big hard one we used to have.
Friday I took the shuttle to town and walked to Bravo Market for fresh chicken and veggies. I walked to Casa Trece to catch up with my friend Claudia, it was good to see her again. We had the most amazing sunset and didn’t have the camera on us… We walked the dock meeting our neighbors… one had just come in from fishing and gave us a big slab of yellowtail. We went out to eat at Rustica and it was good as always. While there we met a very interesting man who vacations all over the world by himself, spending months at a time in a place.
Saturday morning we had intended to head to the island but woke to a cloudy windy day and decided to get some things done on the boat instead… We will eat fresh yellowtail today…

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