Back in Bocas

We returned to Mermaid in Bocas after a nice family visit to Alaska and Texas. We spent a little of each day on boat chores but there was plenty of time for exploring town, hiking, snorkeling, hanging out in the Calypso Cantina and checking out local events like the chili cook-off and Oktoberfest at Rana Azul. Oktoberfest at Rana Azul was interesting. Rana Azul, which means blue frog in Spanish, is a remote bar and restaurant on a secluded bay south of Bocas Town. We got a group together and chartered a panga for the day and it was around a half hour boat ride to get there. This was a Panamanian style Oktoberfest. Lots of local beer but no um pa bands or chicken dance. Instead they had a local guy blasting 70’s disco music from a huge bank of speakers. We went to the Chili Cook off at the Bocas Brewery and tasted way too much chili. Some was really good. Mike was very happy to have found American football in English! Always something interesting going on in Bocas.
We also got Winston from the marina to do some touch up to our toe rail and other varnish. He would put on headphones while he worked and sing – loud. He was our entertainment and he did a good job, Mermaid looks much better. We began provisioning for San Blas. Once we arrive in San Blas there won’t be much other than a veggie boat and some fish, lobster and crab, so we want to get as much as we can carry with us.10641287_296558547204091_2804786231807989834_n American Football in English! Bocas Brewery Bocas Gazebo Bocas Town Calypso Cantina Fun Finds on a Hike Kuna Necessities Octoberfest at Rana Azul Panga Bow Paparazi Snorkeling Touring Botanical Gardens Weekly Vegge Boat Winston Working on Our Toe Rail

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