We woke to another rainy day and Jessamine was really wishing that she could package some of this cool rainy weather to take back to Texas tomorrow.
We ventured downtown to meet the kids for lunch and Stacy had started early labor so Jessamine took her to the condo for another massage. Robin visited with a friend she made while cruising Mexico and the South Pacific – Monica Gross. How much fun to catch up and see each other again… and what a small world that Monica will be the baby’s doctor.
Stacy went home to rest so Robin took Jessamine to the Alaskan Brewery because they were introducing a new beer today “Perseverance” – Jessamine loved it (a bit heavy and smokey for Robin). We toured a bit more of downtown and Jessamine bought a fantastic beaver had for her birthday next week. We returned to the condo to check on news from Stacy and Frank… Yep it was labor, so we waited… and waited… and waited!
Finally, We got the call to head to the hospital so we were off. Arriving at the hospital we were told that it was most likely going to be morning so we decided to head home and try to get a bit of sleep. We met Carmen in the parking lot and we all decided to go downtown and celebrate before getting some sleep.
Off to the Alaskan Pub for a beer and some music… but… the phone rang and we were told 30 minutes to 2 hours and we should head back to the hospital which we did. We sat at the hospital all night waiting for the baby to arrive (boy were those chairs uncomfortable).
4:21 AM Autumn Rose Katasse was born. Stacy, Frank and the baby all look great and very happy! Stacy really persevered… no drugs, no epidural. The hospital staff kept commenting on how in control she was and what a tough girl she was… That’s my girl! I couldn’t be any more proud and happy for her!
We ran back to the condo for a little last minute packing and off to the airport for Jessamine. She has reached the time of returning to work (bummer). Robin went back to the condo and crashed for a few hours (between phone calls). Somehow Friday had blurred into Saturday without any sleeping.

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