Antigua to Grenada

As much as we enjoyed Antigua, we did need to get Mermaid south for hurricane season so in May, when the wind had a little north in it we took advantage and headed south. We stopped in Iles Des Saintes, an awesome spot with a great anchorage, a quaint, very french town and beautiful set of small islands. During the height of the season it’s packed with boats and tourists but in May, there’s plenty of room, great weather and we discovered some great, off the beaten path snorkeling spots. One of the greatest things about the Saintes is the boulangerie. French bakeries are the best and we often stopped in for a pan chocolat or a baguette. Whenever we bought a baguette we always bought an extra one because the first one was eaten by the time we got back to Mermaid.

The wind turned a bit north again so we continued our southbound voyage and sailed to Dominica for a night to visit with our great friends Alexis and visit one of our favorite hole in the wall run shops the Green Bar. It’s just a card table set up on the front porch of Osborne’s house where he sells all manner of spiced rums, dispenses medicinal herbs to the locals and has cold beer. We always enjoy his megawatt smile and hearty laugh. With the weather still favorable we sailed on to Bequia with quick stops in Martinique and St Lucia. In Bequia we discovered a new floating rum shack in Admiralty Bay which had the best passion fruit rum punch! It gets our vote for one of the best places in the Caribbean for a sundowner.

Again the wind turned a little north (very unusual for this time of year) and we headed south again sailing to Tyrrell Bay on Carriacou. On a dingy adventure we found a new favorite snorkeling spot. It had great topography, nice coral and lots of fish. Robin spotted a nurse shark but loved watching the school of squid that were hanging in the shallows. From Carriacou we sailed down the windward side of Grenada to Woburn Bay and went to Whisper Cove Marina which would be Mermaid’s summer home. We worked hard during the day decommissioning Mermaid and in the evening we enjoyed the local night life and music. We got Mermaid all buttoned up and ready for hurricane season and headed to the airport for our summer adventures.

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